We Consign Everything But The Kids!

Online Consignment Policies

Consignment is when we sell your children's outgrown or unused clothing, toys and other items. Your items will be placed in our store for sale for approximately 120 days. Items will be marked down 50% of the original price the last 45 days they are in our store. When items are sold you will be paid 30% of the sale price.

We offer the option to use your consignor balance towards purchasing items in any of our shops as well as our online store.

Items to be consigned must be clean, neatly folded, and in working order. Clothing stuffed in bags/boxes, broken items, dirty items, expired items and items without all the pieces will NOT be consigned.

In Store Consignment drop offs are ONLY the 1st through 20th of each month.

Spring/Summer items are accepted Feb. 1st through June 20th

Fall/Winter items are accepted Aug. 1st through Dec. 20th

School Uniforms are accepted May 1st through Aug. 20th

Halloween items are accepted Aug. 1st through Sept. 20th

Thanksgiving items are accepted Sep. 1st through Oct. 20th

Christmas items are accepted Sep. 1st through Nov. 20th

All battery operated items must be consigned with working batteries or a battery fee will be charged.

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